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Galax Energy believes in environmentally friendly and innovative energy solutions. The brand needed a unique name and a look and feel that would be ahead of its time. The name Galax was created by vixion to portray a new and forward fuel and energy brand that would leave a positive footprint from all service delivery areas. The proposed brand identity was made to give a sense of five star quality service and a clean and professional personality throughout.

  • Sozala Group
  • Fuel & Energy
  • Design, Branding, Marketing
  • August 6th, 2016
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brochure image
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The spark of passion ignites the fuel for innovation

- Graig Groeschel

Galax is a network of service stations dedicated to creating a greener, safer planet through technology and innovation. The service stations operate almost entirely using environmentally friendly or renewable energy solutions, such as carbon credits, grey water and solar power.

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Galax needed a brand identity that Expressed quality and professionalism in the most simplistic way. The Galax colour scheme represents the brands professionalism.
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